Group of Social Pillar Champions

The Group of Social Pillar Champions brings together Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who are the most vocal and visible supporters of social rights – both for their own constituents and people across the whole European Union!

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What is the Group of Champions’ main aims?

  1. Build momentum for stronger, more sustainable and inclusive social rights for all people in the EU.
  2. Strengthen collaboration, exchange and dialogue between MEPs and Social Platform, including our European members and their national members on the ground.
  3. Raise awareness of the European Pillar of Social Rights, the importance of social justice, and the vital role that the European project has in protecting and promoting human rights.

More information is available in our leaflet.

I’m an MEP – why should I join?

Improved collaboration between the European Parliament and social civil society organisations, as well as simplified and centralised communication, will help make sure that EU social policy and legislation addresses the on-the-ground needs of people, including those in vulnerable situations. The Group of Champions will make it easier to share relevant expertise and explore ways to move the EU’s social agenda forward.

By coming together to mobilise around our common goal – the full and ambitious implementation of the Social Pillar, to improve the social situation for people living and working in the EU – MEPs and social civil society organisations alike will be able to raise their profile and demonstrate to their constituents that they are fully committed to building a more equal, socially just and inclusive Europe that leaves no one behind. 

How does the Group of Champions work?

The Group of Champions is an informal group, which means we can adapt its structure and activities depending on the interests and needs of its members. As such, activities could range from internal meetings between MEPs and civil society organisations on certain files, to external events on different Pillar principles, to livestreamed chats with members about their areas of expertise.

I support the social rights of my constituents! How do I join?

It’s simple! Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Sign the Group of Social Pillar Champions pledge below.
  2. Once you’ve signed the pledge, we will send you a cool visual to share on your social media accounts so your constituents can learn about the steps you’re taking to defend their social rights (especially important for many in the context of the pandemic recovery).
  3. Spread the word! Invite other MEPs to join the group.

The pledge

By clicking “Sign the pledge!” you are agreeing to Social Platform using your information for the purpose of our work, and specifically to communicate about the Group of Social Pillar Champions. See our full privacy policy here.

Meet the members of the group!

Dennis Radtke MEP
EPP Group | Germany

Kira Marie Peter-Hansen MEP
Greens/EFA Group | Denmark

Dragoș Pîslaru MEP
Renew Europe Group | Romania

Nikolaj Villumsen MEP
The Left-GUE/NGL Group | Denmark

Frances Fitzgerald MEP
EPP Group | Ireland

Maria Noichl MEP 
S&D Group | Germany

Sylvie Brunet MEP
Renew Europe Group | France

Katrin Langensiepen MEP
Greens/EFA Group | Germany

Terry Reintke MEP
Greens/EFA Group | Germany

Agnes Jongerius MEP
S&D Group | Netherlands

Marc Angel MEP
S&D Group | Luxembourg

José Gusmão MEP
GUE/NGL Group | Portugal

Cyrus Engerer MEP
S&D Group | Malta

Estrella Durá Ferrandis MEP
S&D Group | Spain

Leïla Chaibi MEP
GUE/NGL Group | France

Chris MacManus MEP
GUE/NGL Group | Ireland

Ernest Urtasun MEP
Greens/EFA Group | Spain

Pedro Marques MEP
S&D Group | Portugal

Eero Heinäluoma MEP
S&D Group | Finland

Manuel Pizarro MEP
S&D Group | Portugal

Dimitrios Papadimoulis MEP
GUE/NGL Group | Greece

Bettina Vollath MEP
S&D Group | Austria

Paul Tang MEP
S&D Group | Netherlands

Kim van Sparrentak MEP
Greens/EFA Group | Netherlands

Milan Brglez MEP
S&D Group | Slovenia

Alex Agius Saliba MEP
S&D Group | Malta

Cindy Franssen MEP
EPP Group | Belgium

Mounir Satouri MEP
Greens/EFA Group | France


Sara Matthieu MEP
Greens/EFA Group | Belgium


Marie Toussaint MEP
Greens/EFA Group | France

Alviina Alametsä MEP
Greens/EFA Group | Finland

Klára Dobrev MEP
S&D Group | Hungary

Monika Vana MEP
Greens/EFA Group | Austria

Alícia Homs Ginel MEP
S&D Group | Spain

Rosa d’Amato MEP
Greens/EFA Group | Italy

Gabriele Bischoff MEP
S&D Group | Germany

Evelyn Regner MEP
S&D Group | Austria

Maria Walsh MEP
EPP Group | Ireland

GUE/NGL Group | Spain

Brando Benifei MEP
S&D Group | Italy

Pierfrancesco Majorino MEP
S&D Group | Italy

Jordi Cañas MEP
Renew Europe Group | Spain

Margarida Marques MEP
S&D Group | Portugal