Ukraine Crisis – Our members react

The Russian regime’s invasion of Ukraine has plunged the country into a humanitarian crisis. The atrocities being committed against the people living and working in the country echo back to Europe’s darkest days. As is all to often the case, the situation is all the more terrifying and difficult for people in vulnerable situations. From children growing up in institutions without parental care, to people with disabilities unable to leave their homes to find safety, to non-EU migrants and refugees being denied safe passage to neighbouring countries, disadvantaged groups are at greatest risk of being left behind in the panic of war.

Many of our members represent civil society organisations and service providers who are fighting disinformation, reporting on human rights abuses, helping migrants and refugees and others in vulnerable situations and providing vital services in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Every day they hear of or witness first-hand the urgent needs of people on the ground who are struggling to access even the most basic of needs like food, shelter and medical care.

Read Social Platform’s statement here.

Ukraine Crisis - Our members react

15392Ukraine Crisis – Our members react

How can you help?

Some of our members are running direct appeals for donations to help vulnerable groups impacted by the Ukraine crisis....

15393Ukraine Crisis – Our members react

Members’ responses

Below is a collection of reactions and responses to the Ukraine crisis from some of our members. Health, Social...

15490Ukraine Crisis – Our members react

Stories from the ground

In times of war the most basic of rights and services that many of us take for granted - food, medical care, shelter -...