How can you help?

Some of our members are running direct appeals for donations to help vulnerable groups impacted by the Ukraine crisis. Whether you make a donation or spread the word, all support will go towards helping people trapped in the horrors of war.

Help the Roma access humanitarian aid in Ukraine – DONATE HERE

Organised by the European Roma Grassroots Organisations (ERGO) Network

The war that the Russian Federation has waged against the sovereign Republic of Ukraine has already cost numerous lives and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Among the displaced Ukrainians are the Roma, who – despite being loyal citizens of the country – are facing particular difficulties at the moment.

The purpose of this campaign is to collect the funds to ensure that the Roma community has the same access to humanitarian support as the rest of the population.

Call to support social workers – DONATE HERE

Organised by the International Federation of Social Workers

IFSW’s social workers colleagues, in the countries having border with Ukraine, have responded directly to people affected. Social workers are working long hours in very difficult circumstances, at the border with the Ukraine to offer help to individuals and families.

To get to the border and to the camps, social workers and students in social work must travel long distances. Their work is voluntary. However, there are travel costs and accommodation. To address these needs, IFSW has opened a call for donations.

Support for LGBTI people in Ukraine – DONATE HERE

Organised by ILGA-Europe, the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Intersex Association

LGBTI groups in Ukraine are playing a critical role in trying to support their communities. Current needs are around shelter, access to food and medication and psychological support, and often relocation to safer places. LGBTI groups in neighbouring countries have mobilised quickly to provide shelter and support such as food, medication and other types of support.

For now, ILGA-Europe feels it is most appropriate to direct donations to a) groups in Ukraine who are receiving funds and b) groups welcoming LGBTI people in neighbouring countries., and they encourage people to support initiatives that are already in place and doing the work.

Help children and families in Ukraine – DONATE HERE

Organised by SOS Children’s Villages International

SOS Children’s Villages has been supporting children and families in difficulty in Ukraine for 20 years. For many years, they have been living under pressure due to the acts of violence perpetrated particularly in the region of Luhansk, in the east of the country. War now puts hundreds of thousands of children and families at risk.

SOS is preparing an emergency aid program to support families who have nowhere to go by providing them with food, water, medical care, psychosocial support, material aid and life products. hygiene. These children and their families need our help more than ever. With a donation, you give SOS’s teams on site the means to help them as best they can.

Help children in Ukraine – DONATE HERE

Organised by Save the Children International

There is no safe place in Ukraine. The reports of children killed in the conflict in Ukraine shows that every war is a war against children.

Save the Children International is appealing for $19 million to reach children and their families in grave danger across the region. Two million people have now left the country, with one million of them estimated to be children. Many more are displaced within Ukraine. The UN says this could become “Europe’s largest refugee crisis this century”.

As well as the risk of physical harm and emotional distress caused by the Russian military operation, these children are now in danger of hunger, freezing temperatures, illness, trafficking and abuse.

Aiding Ukraine: Social service organisations you can support – DONATE HERE

Organised by the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, including older people and children, are particularly at risk during the Ukraine war. Many people and organisations have contacted EASPD to ask how they can help with the situation. An initial measure EASPD recommends is to send financial support to organisations on-the-ground. EASPD has identifiedvmembers and partners who are supporting those impacted by the war in Ukraine, both within Ukraine and in the countries bordering the country.

Support trans and LGB organisations in Ukraine – DONATE HERE

Organised by Transgender Europe

There are many trans-specific impacts and needs in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, including: identification documents not matching their gender identity, being forced to stay in Ukraine if they are of fighting age and perceived as male, and difficulties accessing essential medication like hormone replacement therapies and HIV medication.

TGEU has identified several groups providing direct help to trans and LGB people in Ukraine and neighbouring countries distributing food and medicine, organising shelter and transport to safer regions.

Support Caritas’s work in Ukraine & for those fleeing the war – DONATE HERE


Organised by Caritas 

Caritas Ukraine and Caritas-Spes are supporting thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs), both in western Ukraine and  neighbouring countries. They provide them with essential information, food, drinking water and personal hygiene kits, as well as a safe and secure place to sleep, eat and wash themselves. Caritas staff and volunteers also provide safe transport for displaced families to reach their loved ones. Vital support is provided, especially to women and children; for example, Caritas-Spes runs 22 small family homes throughout Ukraine, and Caritas Ukraine organises child-friendly spaces where young children can engage in sports and recreational activities to help them cope with the psychological stress caused by the conflict.

Help Ukrainians find temporary homes in Europe – SIGN-UP HERE!

Organised by Co-Liv, an affiliate of Volonteurope

As believers of resilient and supportive communities, Co-Liv would like to put together efforts to help Ukrainian citizens. They invite you to list everything that you can provide. The sign-up form collects information from European communities and co-living providers that want to support Ukrainians, and will be shared publicly to communities in need.