Caritas Europa: Control of migration flows can be compatible with respect to international law and fundamental rights

Caritas Europa calls on the Justice and Home Affairs Council, meeting today [20 July 2015], to take a strong stand on refugees in need and approve the European Commission’s proposal to resettle 20,000 people in clear need of protection in the next two years.

Resettlement is a concrete measure to efficiently diminish the numbers of people dying on their way to Europe. Moreover, this tool allows European Union (EU) member states to better regulate and legalise migration flows.

“Resettlement is actually not going to enhance the number of people that come to Europe. They would come anyway as they do now, risking their lives. Implementing this scheme will allow for more control over the migration flows to Europe and prevent unnecessary loss of life,” said Jorge Nuño Mayer, Secretary-General of Caritas Europa.

The EU can easily resettle the 20,000 people as planned. In fact, Europe could do even more. It should ensure that vulnerable people are targeted as a priority and enhance the preparation of resettled refugees before they leave refugee camps.

Caritas Europa considers the resettlement scheme as a first step towards the creation of safe and legal channels to enter Europe. Along with resettlement, Caritas Europa also advocates for introducing a humanitarian visa and family reunification to efficiently prevent people from dying when trying to cross EU borders.

Caritas Europa repeats its message: migration is not a crime and control of migration flows can be compatible with respecting international law and fundamental rights.

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