European Federation for Older Persons: Making choices for a society for all ages – A white paper with recommendations for decision-makers

The SIforAGE project, in its path to create a fair, equal, and non-discriminatory society for all ages, has developed a document entitled “Making choices for a society for all ages“, which serves as a white paper in which recommendations for decision-makers are collected.

Those recommendations are evidence-based on what has been done during the four-year duration of the Project, which is also summarised and concluded. The document, written by Elena Urdaneta and Dirk Jarré with comments by the SIforAGE project consortium and a preface by Professor Parminder Raina, is available in nine languages.

Those who did not have the chance to attend the SIforAGE International Conference 2016 are able to watch the presentation of the white paper carried out by Dirk Jarré during the End-Of Project Symposium at CosmoCaixa Barcelona here:

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