Final report of the Annual Convention of the Platform Against Poverty and Social Exclusion

Last year, on December 5 to 7, the second annual Convention of the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion took place in Brussels. The European Commission, who organised the Convention together with the former Cypriot Presidency, has now published the final report of the Convention.

The Convention was built around the topic of "Investing in social Europe" and one of the aims of the Commission was to use it as a forum for consultation and discussion on specific parts of the Social Investment Package (published last month). For this reason, different workshops were organised on the following topics:

investment in health the gender dimension of poverty Active Inclusion e-inclusion

During the opening session, our President Conny Reuter delivered a speech to the Convention stating that the austerity measures promoted by many governments and encouraged by EU economic governance today, are resulting in increased inequalities, poverty and social exclusion. Without combating this in the EU, there will be no social Europe for a better future and well-being of all.