Mental Health Europe: Speak up for mental health – European Mental Health Week, 9-13 May 2022

Mental Health Europe (MHE) invites you to celebrate the third edition of the European Mental Health Week (EMHW), which will run from 9 May until 13 May 2022. The theme ‘Speak up for mental health’ will shine the spotlight on youth mental health as a high-profile societal issue now and in the foreseeable future.

Building on the long-standing global tradition of observing Mental Health Awareness Month in May, this pan-European campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of positive mental health in our everyday lives. This year, EMHW offers the chance for people to talk about all aspects of youth mental health, share personal stories focusing on advice and support, and highlight the need for action.

In most European countries young people’s (15–24-year-olds) mental health has deteriorated during the pandemic. Recent statistics from various sources outline a rising incidence of mental health problems among the young showing that the last two years were especially challenging for this vulnerable group. The findings of various reports are worrisome and underline the urgency for immediate and cross-cutting policy action.

Young people have already started to speak up such as Erika, 17, Ireland: “Invest in us now, before it is too late. Let us not be the lost COVID generation”. It is commendable that young people are starting to speak up. Let us all join in and draw attention to the mental health emergency that is impacting children and young people across Europe.

This year’s Awareness Week provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in promoting positive mental health and access to support for our young people. Support this year’s campaign guided by the vision that policymakers and decision-makers can make a much-needed transformational change. The time for action is now, in order to show that youth mental health matters. Policymakers and institutions at the European and national levels must take action and shape a brighter future for young people. Join this year’s call to action!

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