Social Platform is building the Group of ‘Social Pillar Champions’ in the European Parliament

The Group of Social Pillar Champions will bring together Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who are the most vocal and visible supporters of social rights – both for their own constituents and people across the whole European Union.

It is an informal group, whose structure and activities will be adapted depending on the interests and needs of its members. As such, activities could, for example, range from internal meetings between MEPs and civil society organisations, to external events on different Pillar principles, to livestreamed chats with members about their areas of expertise.

Main aims of the group

  1. Build momentum for stronger, more sustainable, and inclusive social rights for all people in the EU.
  2. Strengthen collaboration, exchange and dialogue between MEPs and Social Platform, including our European members and their national members on the ground.
  3. Raise awareness of the European Pillar of Social Rights, the importance of social justice, and the vital role that the European project has in protecting and promoting human rights.

Reasons for the group

Improved collaboration between the European Parliament and social civil society organisations, as well as simplified and centralised communication, will help make sure that EU social policy and legislation addresses the needs of people, including those in vulnerable situations. The Group of Champions will make it easier to share relevant expertise and explore ways to jointly move the EU’s social agenda forward.

More information and sign up

More information on the group is available on this leaflet and our website, where MEPs sign up for the group.

Next steps

The group will be built over the course of 2021 and MEPs can join on a continuous basis. It will be launched officially around the 4th anniversary of the Social Pillar in November 2021, with a public event.