Social Platform presents its vision for Social Europe post-2020 at the Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth

On 20 May, Social Platform participated in the ‘Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth‘ organised by the European Commission. This event brings together civil society organisations and policy-makers to discuss how to achieve truly inclusive growth.

The 2019 edition focused on the future of Europe, discussing its social dimension post-2020 and how to adapt our social models to current and future challenges, and reflecting on long-term solutions to fight poverty, increase employment, and strengthen social cohesion and inclusion for all.

The programme involved a session with parallel workshops and side events on various social topics as well as a speed dating session on good practices. In addition, our exhibition ‘Made in Social Europe’ on inspiring social inclusion practices was displayed at the event, showcasing how social projects, some of which are funded by the EU, give life to the principles of the Social Pillar and have a real positive impact on people.

Social Platform was invited to speak in the final panel discussion representing the views of civil society organisations in the social field. Social Platform director Kélig Puyet presented our vision of the social agenda post-2020, involving three key messages:

  1. The social agenda needs to be part of a broader EU agenda and prioritised at the highest level of the decision-making process through annual Social summits. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the European Pillar of Social Rights must be the overarching frameworks to make the social agenda a reality.
  2. The implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights must be strengthened in the coming years. Key to its success will be the ability of decision-makers to take a cross-cutting approach and ensure that social and economic priorities are of equal importance.
  3. Open, transparent, regular and meaningful civil dialogue at all steps of decision-making processes is crucial to create, implement and evaluate reforms that actually improve the situation on the ground.

More information is available in our press release.