FEFAF - European Federation of Parents and Carers at Home

European Federation of Unpaid Parents and Carers at Home
F.E.F.A.F. (European Federation of Parents and Carers at Home) represents and defends the interests of any woman/men choosing, having chosen, wishing to choose as their priority the care of their children, their elderly or disabled relatives.

F.E.F.A.F. requests from National Governments, Decision-making Bodies of the European Union, and the UN:

1. The recognition of the human, social and economic value of “family-based work” - of attention, care and education - carried out at home toward a dependent relative: “CARE
2. for those who carry out this unremunerated CARE: a social statute of their own
3. a family policy guaranteeing the rights of families and children, taking into account the needs and lifecycles of parents and children
4. collecting data in national and European statistics on At Home Women/Men, “carers”, and the needs of families and of each of their members
5. the possibility of a true civil dialogue by giving European NGOs adequate legal and financial means

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