Civil Society for EU

Championing our voice in Europe!

Civil society is deeply integrated into European society. From non-profit organisations, activist groups, faith-based groups, volunteer organisations to philanthropic foundations or associations, civil society can be found at the heart of day-to-day life in communities everywhere.

However, all of these important communities cannot exist without political support and protection. In recent years, civil society has been facing growing challenges that make it very difficult or even impossible for organisations to function.

Together with Civil Society Europe, we are bringing together a broad coalition of civil society and philanthropy organisations called Civil Society for EU to be vocal about the problems we face across Europe and to call on decision makers ahead of the next EU elections in June 2024 to do much more to tackle these negative trends.

What is Civil Society for EU’s mission?

Our coalition calls for EU decision makers to make civic space and civil dialogue central topics in the 2024 European elections, and demands that the future European Parliament and European Commission take real, meaningful steps during the next five years to better recognise, protect and engage civil society at all levels.

What we want:

A Civil Society Strategy

Freedom of association, assembly and expression are vital for civil society to thrive. A Civil Society Strategy should be put in place to actively counter restrictions, promote positive practices and ensure that all policies impacting the civil society sector are in line with EU fundamental rights.

A Civil Dialogue Agreement

Too often, the significant role that civil society plays in connecting communities, representing vulnerable groups and providing front-line services goes overlooked and unrecognised. A Civil Dialogue Agreement will ensure that civil society can contribute meaningfully to all steps of policy-making – at both EU and national level – on behalf of the groups and communities they represent, going beyond box ticking exercises and consultations. As part of a thriving, participative democracy, civil society should be involved as key strategic partners in the co-creation of policies, programme development, policy debates and agenda-setting exercises, among others.

Join our coalition and sign the manifesto

Are you a civil society organisation that wants to join forces with our growing coalition? Take a look at our Civil Society for EU’s manifesto to find out more about our demands.

Stand up for stronger civil society by signing onto our joint manifesto!