COVID-19 – Responses & Reactions of our Members

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts every one of us, but none more so than people in vulnerable situations.

Below is an overview of responses and reactions from Social Platform’s members, including statements and resources, projects and national reactions, policy recommendations to decision-makers, and other interesting articles. Each of these categories is divided into themes representing some of the vulnerable groups represented by our diverse membership: health, social services and access to services; income and employment; housing and homelessness; migrants and refugees; ethnic and religious minorities; women; children; youth and older people; families; the LGBTIQ+ community; and people with disabilities.

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Read Social Platform’s statement on the COVID-19 pandemic here.


Members' Reactions & Responses

13343COVID-19 – Responses & Reactions of our Members

Statements & Resources

Health, Social Services & Access to Services Income & Employment Housing & Homelessness Migrants &...