Over the Line: campaign for adequate minimum income

The Over the Line Campaign

Our campaign coalition of civil society organisations are campaigning to bring everyone #OvertheLine. No matter where you live in the EU, you should have the resources and support you need to live a decent life.

We are therefore calling for an EU Directive on Minimum Income, to make sure that those most vulnerable in society can be guaranteed a life free from poverty. 

Why we need change

Today’s cost of living crisis may now be impacting everyone across society, but for many in Europe, living at risk of poverty and social exclusion is nothing new. Unaffordable, precarious and unfair living conditions will always be the reality for millions of people in Europe, unless action is taken.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 people in the EU are living at risk of poverty or social exclusion. If the EU is to reduce the number of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion by at least 15 million by 2030 (one of three EU-level social targets) decision makers must show more ambition.

Despite recommendations, very few changes have been made to minimum income schemes in the EU. In 2023, not one EU Member State has a minimum income scheme that is adequate enough to protect those in vulnerable circumstances.

The long-term objective: 2024 and beyond

The run-up to the European Elections in 2024 is a time of agenda setting, building manifestos and making long-term commitments.

While there is already some political momentum on the issue, such as the proposed Council Recommendation and the European Parliament’s Resolution on adequate minimum income, there is much more work to do to ensure that the EU goes further in setting decent living standards for all.

This campaign is calling for an EU Framework Directive on Minimum Income that would guarantee no one has to live below the poverty line in the EU.

What is minimum income?

Minimum income schemes are one of the last defences against poverty for people in vulnerable situations and are crucial to ensure the resilience of our societies and social cohesion. They can be defined as a package of benefits and services that form a safety net for people who, whether in or out of employment, would otherwise lack sufficient resources to live in dignity. Minimum income schemes should provide a minimum standard of living for all, however, this is not always guaranteed.

Interested to know more? See the Social Platform’s position paper, calling for an EU Directive on Adequate Minimum Income.

Get involved!

We would love your involvement  in supporting and developing this campaign with us.

  • Follow our activities online with #OvertheLine and spread our call for action via your own channels and audiences.
  • Integrate the call for a minimum income directive into your activities! If your organisation is talking about the cost of living crisis, add your voice to the call to demand more action for better living standards for all.
  • Push for EU and national decision makers to support the call for a directive. Get in touch for Over the Line campaign resources: