Mental health in the workplace

The 4th edition of the Social Learning Platform was organised by Social Platform member Mental Health Europe, and focused on the importance of promoting positive mental health in the workplace.

1 in 6 people in the EU experience mental health problems – amounting to approximately 84 million people. However, the figure is likely to be even higher as not all cases are reported. In the EU, the overall cost related to mental ill health is estimated to exceed 4% of the GDP across all Member States (a whopping 600 billion euros)!

While work can be beneficial for people experiencing mental health problems – for example, it can counterbalance stress stemming from personal problems – it can also be the cause of mental health problems: poor working conditions, low job satisfaction, difficult relationships with colleagues etc. can all impact negatively on mental health. The workplace is therefore an important forum to identify and support mental health needs.

But what is work-related stress? What workplace factors can promote positive mental health?

These and other questions were addressed during the training session. For practical tips check out the infographic by Mental Health Europe and read more in the meeting’s PowerPoint presentation.